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Have access to an US address and receive your packages from Amazon and all your favorites twice per week!
Incoming Mail
Have access to a PO Box in Miami where all your mail arrives and then is flown into St Maarten. All mail picked up in Miami on Monday morning will be here and ready Wednesday and all mail picked up on Thursday morning will be ready Saturday. Monthly ($16/mo) and Yearly ($135/yr) subscriptions available. Receive 2lbs of mail free every month and once you exceed the 2 lbs you pay $3.59/lb. We also have an alternate physical address available for heavier/bulky packages which can be sent via Ocean freight. Over 25 years of experience makes us your first choice on the island!
Outgoing Mail
Have the convenience of sending letters through Fedex to Miami every Tuesday and Friday afternoon (mail must be received before 1 pm on those days to make the shipment) and dropped at the Post Office to its final destination via 1st class US Mail. Once in the US we can count with fast service from the US Postal Service especially if the letters final destination is the US. We also provide the Priority Mail service from the USPS (United States Postal Service) (for US destinations only). USPS tracking no. labels available. Letters/Documents ONLY.
Internet Cafe / Printing /
Scanning / Copies
Our internet/computer service allows customers to surf the web, and/or use the computer for typing and printing of letters or other documents in a professional and comfortable setting. Skype, Microsoft Office, webcams and headsets available. Scanning services, printing on black & white / color, photocopy service all at your disposal. Internet Card for multiple and long sessions for sale so you can save!
Fedex Authorized
Shipping Agent
Weekdays service for overnight shipping via Federal Express. Rates based on destination and weight (dimensional weight applies). We are also their authorized agent for passports and visas delivery outgoing and incoming.
Caribserve Authorized Payment
and Sign-Up Center
Subscribe and/or pay your internet service at our office with the best and most reliable high speed internet provider on the island, Caribserve from UTS. Disconnected accounts due to late payment reconnected immediately with payment, including Saturdays.
SIM Cards and
Buy your SIM Cards (phone chip) and TopUp (buy credit) with us!! Both dutch side cellular companies, TelCell and Chippie available.
Office and Packing Supplies
Discover our variety of office and school supplies at convenient prices! From school and lunch bags to notebooks, pens, art supplies and basic office supplies. Packing supplies of all kinds; boxes, bubble wrap in all sizes, tapes, packing peanuts, etc...Come check us out!
Newspaper Classifieds
Have your classifieds placed on the local newspaper, The Daily Herald through us! Available on daily or weekly rates. Rates vary from residential and commercial, regular or bold, no picture or photo included.
Daily Herald
We are open 6 days a week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon -Fri and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays.
You'll be able to call us & check if you have any mail to pick up, that way we give you the convenience of coming only when you receive your mail.
Take advantage of our year membership offer or if you prefer, pay $16.00 per month & you'll be able to receive the benefits of this great program & the first 2 lbs. of mail are FREE each month!
No risk of a surprising change of address. We deal directly with the US Postal Service making it possible for us to maintain a permanent address.
International subscriptions to US magazines are up to 50% more expensive than US subscriptions. (Business Week, Time, Newsweek...)
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